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Parent Compact




“When parents actively participate in their children’s education, studies have shown that their children do better.  Neither schools nor parents alone can ensure the educational success of the child.  It takes working together toward this common goal.  In a society comprised of diverse family structures, and with so many demands placed on them, school needs become even more sensitive to family needs.  Steps should be taken to ensure that parents, in cooperation with their children’s school, have an opportunity to share in their children’s educational experience.  Toward that end:  The next few pages briefly outline how parents, the entire school staff and students will share the responsibility for improved school achievement.



The staff and parents of Public School 100 are committed to working cooperatively to provide students with the best education.  Together, they recognize the need for family and school to work jointly and support each other’s efforts.  To this end,


  P. S. 100 AGREES:

•  to provide supervision for your children from 8:00 A.M. on, unless they are participating in our breakfast program.

 •  to provide annual meetings for parents to inform them of the programs at P. S. 100 and their right to be involved.  A flexible number of meetings at  various times will be arranged to take into account parent needs.

 •  to actively involve parents in planning, reviewing and improving the  programs and parental involvement policies at P. S. 100.

 •  to provide parents with timely information about all programs.

 •  to provide performance profiles and individual student assessment results  for each child and other pertinent individual and school district education information.

 •  to provide high quality curriculum and instruction.

 •  to provide students with the educational materials necessary to achieve success.

•  to deal with communication issues between teachers and parents through:

            - parent teacher conferences

            - frequent reports to parents on their children’s progress

            - reasonable access to staff

            - participation in and/or observation of their child’s class

•  to provide opportunities for parents to participate in school-wide activities.

•  to assure that parents may participate in professional development activities  if the school determines that it is appropriate, i.e. workshops on  reading/math strategies, behavior modification programs, etc. 

•  to work together with the entire school community through the School Leadership  Team and other school activities to provide an optimal educational experience for children.

•  to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to develop academically, socially and emotionally.




•  to become involved in developing, implementing, evaluating and revising the school/parent involvement policy.

•  to use or request assistance that the School or District may offer on child rearing practices and teaching/learning strategies.

•  to work daily with your children toward improving their school work.

•  to ensure a good 8 – 12 hour night’s sleep for their child.

•  to provide and monitor healthy eating choices.

•  to provide and designate a quiet area for completion of their child’s  homework.

•  to monitor their children’s:

            - attendance – students in school every day they are not ill

            - classwork and homework

            - correspondence from the teacher or school

            - television watching, internet usage and electronic gaming.

•  to share the responsibility for improving student achievement.

•  to communicate with their children’s teachers about their educational needs.

•  to actively participate in the P. S. 100 PA and other related school activities.

•  to reach out to the parent community on what type of training or assistance  you would like in order to further enhance the educational program.

•  to abide by the Public School 100Q Behavior Policy.

•  to attend one Student Led Conference

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