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Each New York City Department of Education school is required to have a Parent Association or a Parent Teacher Association (PA/PTA). All parents, step-parents, legally appointed guardians, foster parents and persons in parental relation are automatically members of their school’s PA/PTA. 

These organizations:

  • advocate for students and families

  • update parents and families about the school

  • plan and run activities for parents and families

PA/PTAs can support schools in a number of ways, including: 

  • hosting parent workshops

  • organizing activities for families—both academic and social

  • raising funds

  • running volunteer events

Officers of a PA/PTA are responsible for the PA/PTA budget, events and activities. PA/PTAs can support schools by raising funds, hosting parent workshops or meetings, organizing festivals, dances or social events for families, and can help schools connect with parents through updates and volunteer opportunities.

The following members are PS 100's, elected, PA officers:

Jasmattie Kryshundayal, President

Susanna Persaud, Vice President 
Tanesha Ricketts, Corresponding Secretary 
Shanice Daniel, Treasurer 
Sabrina Dhanraj, Sergeant of Arms 

For more information on NYC PA organizations please visit:

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