Math Resources:



Go Math! is designed to help students achieve fluency, speed, and confidence in math.  Each teacher structures her math lesson to meet the needs of your child.  They have several classroom tools to use, such as: Quick Checks in Lessons, Reteach Activities, Intervention guides as well as “HOT” Problems and Test Prep within each lesson.  Teachers are working very hard to target specific math concepts, skills and strategies in school.   

These lessons need to be reinforced at home. The best thing a parent can do at home is to make sure your child is completing the homework assignments, as well as, check and sign homework every night, to prove to your child that you take their school responsibilities very seriously.  You can further develop your child’s thinking by asking questions about the math thinking strategies they use to work through a problem.  Here are some sample questions to use at home:  

*What is the problem asking? 

*How do you know your answer makes sense? 

*What operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) did you use and why? 

*Can you draw a picture to get an answer?

*How can you use a simpler problem to help you find your answer? 

*What does that mean? 

Please do not complete your child’s homework for them.  It is better for your child to ask questions, as you guide them towards a solution.  Your child needs to think about what steps or strategies he/she needs to use and figure out what the question is asking.  Find fun ways to bring math into your home.  Practicing these skills only makes for better math students. 

The best way to practice math skills at home is by logging onto Mathletics. You can find out your child’s log on information from their classroom teacher.  

If you require assistance in signing up for the Parent Academy, please let us know! 

Mathematically yours, 

Elisa Kearney & Debbie Fiallo